Prepare Your Truck For A Parade

18 February 2018
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If you recently won a mud bogging competition and were rewarded for your efforts with a trophy and have been invited to drive your truck in a parade to celebrate your victory, you may be faced with the dilemma of needing to clean mud that is stuck to your vehicle's exterior. Clean your truck and detail it by completing the project that follows. Adorn your vehicle with a personalized banner and flag to help your vehicle stand out as you drive it in the parade. 


  • shop vacuum cleaner
  • water hose
  • spray nozzle
  • bucket
  • heavy duty detergent
  • degreasing agent
  • deck brush
  • hand brush
  • wax
  • sponges
  • self-adhesive striping kit
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • vinyl banner
  • small flag

Vacuum The Interior And Eliminate Mud From The Body

Park your truck in a driveway or on a flat surface. Remove floormats and other loose items from the vehicle's cab and use a shop vacuum cleaner's hose to suck up dirt that is inside the truck's cab. Replace the floormats and additional accessories. Roll up your truck's windows and close the vehicle's doors. After attaching a nozzle to a hose, use water to soak the truck's exterior.

Fill a bucket with water and add heavy duty detergent and a few drops of a degreasing agent to the water. Use a deck or hand brush to apply the soapy water to the truck's body. Move either cleaning tool firmly across mud-covered surfaces. Use a hose to rinse the truck's body off with water.

Wax The Body And Add Personalized Effects

After the vehicle's exterior dries, you might not be impressed with the flatness of the paint that is on your truck's exterior. A coat of wax will add a brilliant sheen to the paint. Use a sponge to apply a thin coat of wax to exposed metal. Use a dry sponge to remove wax from the truck's body if you initially apply too much of the substance.

Pinstriping can be applied to your truck's exterior if you would like to draw attention to specific parts of your truck. Use a tape measure to determine how long each piece of pinstriping needs to be cut. Cut the pinstriping before removing the paper or vinyl backing from each piece of striping. Press the striping against your truck's body. 

If you would like to add some personal flair to your vehicle, purchase a customized flag and banner to secure to your truck's exterior. A small flag that has a tying mechanism attached to it can be hung from your vehicle's antenna or can be secured to the front of your vehicle. A banner can be secured to the hood of your truck or the backside of your vehicle. Contact a detailer, like A&G Auto Spa & Mobile Detailing, for more help.