Why A Ceramic Coating Might Be The Best Option For Your Car

17 September 2020
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Waxing your car to protect the paint is always recommended, but the time it takes to maintain the exterior can make it hard to keep up with. You could take your car and have it cleaned and detailed regularly, but that can be expensive as well. However, there is another option that you might want to consider for your car. 

Auto Ceramic Coatings

Applying wax to your car's exterior is a good way to keep the paint protected and looking good, but it takes a lot of time. The wax only lasts so long, and eventually, you need to strip the old wax off the car and replace it with a new coat. This can be an all-day chore, but there is another option. Auto ceramic coatings are harder and more durable, and they offer a stunning finish on your car.

Auto ceramic coatings are not new; they have been marketed under many different names and professionally applied for many years. The latest ceramic coatings have improved a lot since the first coatings came out, and micro ceramic coatings are now available that offer even more protection for your car.

While these auto ceramic coatings used to only be available through body shops and detailing businesses, they are now available for the car enthusiast to do themself in their driveway. The professionally installed coatings still offer the greatest protection, but the benefits offered are similar with both products. 

Benefits of Auto Ceramic Coatings

The most significant benefit of applying auto ceramic coatings is the protection they offer. Once applied to the vehicle, the ceramic coating will cause water to bead up and roll off the car's surface. Acid rain, mud, salt spray, and even bird droppings will not stick to the coating, so the car's exterior will stay clean and stains will not appear on the paint.

Auto ceramic coatings also last a lot longer than wax, so the cost of applying the coating might be higher initially, but since it does not need to be done as often, you may save money with ceramic coatings on your car. The coating does such an excellent job of protecting the paint that fading or other damage is not a problem, so the maintenance is often limited to washing the car regularly and letting it dry. 

The coating forms a tough protective barrier that can help reduce damage like scratches to the paint. The finish on the car will look better, with a deeper shine and far less maintenance and cost, but the best benefit of all is that your vehicle may retain more value over time.